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5 Benefits of a Laundry Service

If you have considered outsourcing your laundry to someone else, it can be daunting to justify why you pay someone else to offer this service. 

However, there are more benefits for having a laundry service than cons.

We share 5 of those benefits below:

  1. Affordability

It is a known fact that electricity and gas prices in the UK aren’t cheap. And their consumption in a household setting due to laundry washes can quickly add up. From as low as £1 you can take advantage of laundry service that is value for money but saves you time, your most valuable resource in life.

  1. ⠀Convenience

The whole idea of outsourcing is to find a solution that works to your advantage, Laundry Buster will work with you to set a schedule that works for your household. Typically a laundry service is scheduled once a week but a fortnight or monthly schedule can be arranged if your clothes volume isn’t high. With a free pick up and delivery it completely removes the time and hassle associated with sorting your own laundry.

  1. Increase in focus for the things you love

If there is something we have been taught by the current COVID 19 pandemic it is the value of the present moments. Take time to be fully present, as Oprah Winfrey says. Appreciate the family around you, the hobbies and work/business that truly bring you joy. And there is no better way to do this than to outsource the chores.

  1. ⠀Faster Laundry Service

Laundry Buster offers 48hour turn around and there are limited 24hour slots on a first come first serve basis. This is faster than it takes most households to sort, wash, dry, iron and most importantly, put away😂

  1. Professional Result

A good laundry service will offer a service that brings back your clothes in a pristine condition and as an added bonus, smelling amazing. The standards are high are pretty high. At Laundry Buster, we give 100% guarantee that your clothes will be processed individually just as you would at home. Be sure to communicate any stubborn stains in your garments, any preferences for your ironing and other issues regarding how you wish your garments treated. We do our utmost to accommodate you.⠀

Wash, dry, iron and fold


Want to enjoy an affordable, convenient, professional service with an assurance of high standards of cleanliness?

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